About 24 Hour Mobility

24 Hour Mobility is a product of Pinnacle Marketing, an independent broker specializing in the development and marketing of a range of unique short-term insurance products. Our key areas of specialization are the cellular and retail industries. Pinnacle Marketing was founded in 1997 by Carl Smyth, who is still the acting managing director of the company today. Throughout Pinnacle’s history, we have developed mutually-beneficial relationships with a range of partners and networks. It is the quality of these associations, together with our core values, that have paved the foundation of our success.

Our Approach To Service

Professionals and companies offering the highest quality of customer care have one thing in common. That is simply that they CARE. Management cares. Employees care. Everyone cares a great deal about people and thrive on helping people solve their problems.

Pinnacle Marketing is one such company. We strive to partner ourselves with others who hold the same standards of service and values that we do. Because we place high value on service excellence, we believe that focus, in-depth knowledge and personal attention are imperative. To this end, the company has a separate division, which is entirely focused on product development, incentives, claims handling and enquiries.

Niche Products

All our products are developed to meet the unique requirements of each market. They have been well-received and are rated as some of the best in the industry.