General F.A.Q.

What is the time period of my insurance?

Your insurance is ongoing until such time as you request cancellation; even if you have done an upgrade, the policy on the original mobile device will remain active until you cancel the policy or update the details to the new upgraded mobile device.


Is my mobile device covered if I change my SIM-card?

Your mobile device will not be covered if you have changed your SIM-card and not advised 24 Hour Mobility that you have done so. You may change your SIM-card as often as you like, as long as this is amended on your policy. TWO numbers can be listed on your policy schedule at any given time.

Is my mobile device covered if someone other than the specified user is using the mobile device? 

Your mobile device will not be covered if another user is using the mobile device and this was not disclosed to 24 Hour Mobility and amended. You may change the nominated user at any time but we must be notified of this change.

If I do an upgrade which mobile device will be insured? 

Your existing mobile device will remain insured unless you submit a change of details with the new IMEI number listed. You can however keep both the old and the new mobile device insured if you sign a new policy for the new mobile device.

Can second-hand mobile devices be insured?

Please contact our contact centre on 086 111 3372; we will then perform some checks to confirm if your mobile device is eligible to be covered under your policy.

Why don’t I receive any statements from the insurer each month?
Your disclosure document, policy schedule and policy wording are supplied at inception of the policy and this all the documentation you require. The insurer makes no amendments to the policy unless stipulated by you.

Premiums F.A.Q.

Am I covered if I lose my mobile device before my first debit is made on my account? 

Yes, you are covered. If a loss occurs before your first debit has been made and the claim has been approved, the Insurer will request that you deposit your first premium as well as your pro-rata into their bank account.
How do I know if my debit is going off of my account?

 The debit will reflect on your bank statement on the date you specify. Your policy number will reflect on the bank statement as your reference number. Alternatively, you can contact 24 Hour Mobility to check whether your premium payments are going off.

Can I pay the premiums manually every month?
No manual payments can be made on an ongoing monthly basis. The premiums must be collected by debit order. However, if your premium is returned you may deposit the outstanding amount to bring your policy up to date.

Do you debit credit cards?

No credit cards can be debited – only current, savings and transmission accounts may be debited for 24 Hour Mobility Cellphone Insurance.

What is a pro-rata premium? 

A pro-rata premium is calculated from the day the mobile device is purchased in a month to the end of that same month, e.g. if you purchase a mobile device on the 15th day of a month, you cannot be charged for the first 14 days as you did not have the device during this time. You are only charged from the 15th until the end of the month.

When am I charged the pro-rata premium? 

The pro-rata premium will be included in the first debit. You will be charged for the time for which you have had your mobile device in the past month, plus a full premium for the month ahead. This is a once-off debit.

If I do not pay my premium, can I claim for my mobile device?

Your premiums are collected in advance, e.g. at the end of January you pay a monthly instalment for cover for the entire month of February. Thus, if your premium is not paid at the end of January and you have a loss in February, you have no cover.

Whose responsibility is it to check that my mobile device is insured at the correct value?

It is your responsibility as the customer to ensure that your mobile device is insured at the correct value. It is always best to check with Pinnacle Marketing at least every three months to ensure that you are adequately covered.

Claims F.A.Q.

Is my mobile device covered if it is lost or stolen whilst I am outside the country? 
24 Hour Mobility offers worldwide coverage. Your mobile device is covered whilst being used outside of South Africa. You will require a police case number from the country where the loss occurred.

Is my mobile device covered if stolen whilst in a public place? 

Whilst we wish to insure for any event, there are specific perils where due care and precaution needs to be taken. As such if you are in a public area which is defined as:

Public place, Place of recreation, mall or social occasion then the device must be safeguarded and not left vulnerable for easy removal or damage.


Can I receive a different mobile phone when I claim and pay in the difference in value? 
No, the policy puts you back into exactly the same position that you were in prior to the loss of your mobile device. The only time the insured mobile device will be replaced with a different one is if the model which you had previously is no longer on the market. In this instance the claims department will replace the mobile device with a model of similar or same functionality and within the same indemnity limit.  This will be at the sole option of the Insurer.

Is theft from an unattended vehicle covered? 

Yes, if the mobile device is locked in a cubbyhole or boot and forcible and violent entry can be proven. Please note that remote jamming is not covered by this policy as proof of forcible and violent entry into the vehicle cannot be obtained.

How long do I have to report a loss or theft to the police station? 
You have 48 hours to report a loss or theft to the police. Should you not be able to do so in the prescribed time please submit a motivation as to why and the insurer will assess this together with the claim.

How long do I have to report a loss or theft to the insurer?

You have 30 days to report and submit all requested information on a loss, theft or damage claim.

If you have any additional questions that have not been answered here please feel free to contact our friendly queries contact centre on 086 111 3372.