24 Hour Laptop Mobility

Comprehensive insurance solutions for your laptop, tablet or notebook (ALL RISK cover.)

Any customer receiving or purchasing a laptop, tablet or notebook can apply for cover and receive the benefits of this mobile device insurance product.


The mobile device insurance policy offers the following cover:

  • Loss or theft (loss from public places is covered if due care and precaution is taken)
  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Worldwide cover

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  • The costs of replacing, reinstating or making good wear and tear, gradual deterioration, scratching or other superficial damage to outer casings, aerials or keypads
  • Any loss or damage during the hire or loan or the MOBILE DEVICE to another person
  • Loss of or damage to the MOBILE DEVICE resulting from theft or any attempt thereat from any unattended vehicle, unless the vehicle was locked and the MOBILE DEVICE is concealed in the cubby hole or boot. Any such loss must involve forcible and violent entry into the vehicle.
  • Loss or damage to batteries, other than when they are stolen or lost together with the MOBILE DEVICE
  • Loss or damage arising from the MOBILE DEVICE not being safeguarded whilst being charged
  • Consequential loss of any kind whatsoever
  • Loss of or damage to accessories and or car kits
  • Loss or damage arising from the MOBILE DEVICE where it is left unattended in a public place, place of recreation, office, mall or social occasion where it is vulnerable for easy removal or damage
  • Loss or damage arising from the MOBILE DEVICE being left unattended or exposed when unknown persons or 3rd parties are in your home, office or similar area.
  • Loss or damage arising from the MOBILE DEVICE being removed from your locked home, office or similar area where there is no proof of forcible or violent entry into the area
  • Loss or damage to your SIMCARD unless the optional SIMCARD cover has been included from inception of the policy. Loss of your SIMCARD involving theft must involve theft of the MOBILE DEVICE
  • Loss of or damage to the MOBILE DEVICE arising from or contributed to by gross negligence or wilful conduct by you
  • Loss or damage arising from a wilful act carried out by yourself or any other person known to you
  • Loss or damage arising from a manufacturers defect
  • Loss, damage or defect that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Loss, damage or defect arising from any software or application
  • Loss or damage caused by electronically conveyed viruses
  • Loss or damage arising from remote jamming devices or related events
  • Loss or damage arising from any unauthorised repairs or as a result of bad workmanship by an unauthorised repairer
  • Loss or damage resulting from political or non political riot, strike or civil commotion, public disorder, war, invasion, terrorism or public violence for which is insurable by SASRIA (South African Special Risks Insurance Association) is excluded from this cover


  • The mobile device may only be insured within 6 months of delivery of the device and proof of purchase date and/or delivery must be provided to the Insurer.
  • All changes must be sent through to 24 Hour Mobility, either via fax, email or telephonically.
  • Failure to pay premiums will result in cover being suspended without notice.
  • It is your duty to notify the Insurer in writing if the value of the mobile device exceeds or decreases the limit of indemnity selected when insuring the device, or if any other changes have been made to the original agreement.
  • It is your duty to ensure that you notify the Insurer should you upgrade your mobile device. Only the risk item listed on the schedule is covered.

Why You Pay In The Event Of A Claim

Each time you have a valid claim under this policy, you agree to pay a first amount due, which is;

In the event of a TOTAL LOSS (lost, stolen or beyond economical repair);

  • 1st Loss 10% of claim with a minimum of R500.00
  • 2nd Loss 10% of claim R1000.00
  • 3rd Loss 10% of claim R1500.00

If the mobile device is REPAIRABLE;

  • R300.00 is payable.
  • If you have a second loss within 12 months, this amount increases to R500.00.
    and remains R500.00 for all other losses thereafter.
  • When a period of 12 months from date of last claim has elapsed, the first amount payable structure will be reset.
  • Repairable damage: repair will be done at the sole discretion of the Insurer.
  • All claims within the first 60 days of cover on both total loss and repairable damage claims will carry an additional excess of R300.00

*Please note that all policies incepted from 12 November 2012 carry an additional excess of R300.00 for claims within the first 60 days of cover on both Total loss and Damage claims.