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There are plenty of good reasons for and against mobile device insurance, but the choice is up to you.
We've narrowed down just some of the reasons below why we think 24 Hour Mobility is worth it.

We know that accidents happen, and while we can't cover you against absolutely everything, we've come pretty close. We are also always improving and refining our products and services to meet our customers' needs, but if you have any changes you would like to see

We constantly review the market to make sure that we are giving our customers the best possible value. We pride ourselves in our competitive excess structures and premiums.

There's no need to worry when it comes to making a claim. Our process is simple and quick and we will guide you every step of the way.

With over 20 year's experience in the niche market of mobile device insurance we have learnt a thing or two about ensuring we provide a remarkable experience to our clients. We partner with the very best in the Industry and are able to deliver fast turnaround times and friendly customer service with emphasis on connecting you with your world as quickly as possible.

With the ability to self-serve via our , application and online mechanisms or by speaking to one of our agents for them to assist you and guide you through the process answering any questions you may have!

If you have any questions or require assistance with the application process this section will cover it for you.

We've got you covered with a variety of options to get a quote. Simply get a quote via our section, send us an or speak to one of our friendly agents! We’ve got you covered

Not to worry, if your device is not listed simply us or call us and we will get it added for you in no time at all.

Absolutely! We love serving our customers telephonically- there is nothing more valuable than human to human connection, after all connecting people is what we are all about. Simply pop us an and we will be in touch!

Simply type the GSM feature code into your keypad *#06# and

As much as we'd love to insure all your devices, we do require that it should be less than 6 months old at inception of the policy, with no physical or liquid damage and must be in your possession to qualify.

Need info on how to claim? Look no further, this section will answer all your questions.

We give you a variety of options to submit a claim. Simply log the claim via our section, download a manual claim form if you prefer it old school or simply call us and we can log the claim telephonically for you!

If lost or stolen report the matter to the SAPS within 48 hours of the claim occurring! Blacklist the device with your service provider to prevent any unwanted bills being run up by the thief and be sure to let us know by completing a claim within 30 days of the loss occurring.

Our excess structures are very favourable compared to the rest, do a comparison and put us to the test.

Insured Value Repair 1st Excess Repair 2nd Excess Replace 1st Excess Replace 2nd Excess Replace 3rd Excess
< R7500 R 150 R 300 R 300 R 750 R 750
R7500 - R15 000 R 300 R 500 R 750 R 1000 R 1000
R15 000 - R25 000 R 500 R 750 R 1000 R 2000 R 2000
R25 000 - R45 000 R 750 R 1000 R 2000 R 3500 R 3500
* R250 additional excess for claims within first 60 days
Insured Value Repair 1st Excess Repair 2nd Excess Replace 1st Excess Replace 2nd Excess Replace 3rd Excess
ANY 5% min R 300 5% min R 300 10% min R 300 10% min R 300 10% min R 300
* R250 additional excess for claims within first 60 days

Our claims guru’s will request excess payment prior to damaged devices being collected for repairs and/or prior to replacement devices being issued.

We strive to have your repaired device returned and delivered to you within 7 days from date of excess payment, some repairs are much faster and we are able to connect you chop chop. If there is a shortage of parts and there is a delay, not to worry- we keep in constant communication with you and update you every step of the way!

Hassle Free! If your device has been lost or stolen or damaged beyond economical repair, we’ll send a courier with your replacement device to your address of preference and best of all its for Mahala!

Yes, if the mobile device is locked in a cubbyhole or boot and forcible and violent entry can be proven. Please note that remote jamming is not covered by this policy as proof of forcible and violent entry into the vehicle cannot be obtained.

Whilst we wish to insure for any event, there are specific perils where due care and precaution needs to be taken. As such if you are in a public area which is defined as: Public place, Place of recreation, mall or social occasion then the device must be safeguarded and not left vulnerable for easy removal or damage.

The policy puts you back into exactly the same position that you were in prior to the loss of your mobile device. The only time the insured mobile device will be replaced with a different one is if the model which you had previously is no longer on the market. In this instance the claims department will replace the mobile device with a model of similar or same functionality and within the same indemnity limit. This will be at the sole option of the Insurer.

Need info on the payment process we've got you covered in this section.

Yes, you are covered. If a loss occurs before your first debit has been made and the claim has been approved, the Insurer will request that you deposit your first premium as well as your pro-rata into their bank account.

Because your cover is activated immediately upon acceptance of the policy (BONUS!) a pro-rata premium is applied. This premium is calculated from the day the mobile device is purchased in a month to the end of that same month, e.g. if you purchase a mobile device on the 15th day of a month, you cannot be charged for the first 14 days as you did not have the device during this time. You are only charged from the 15th until the end of the month. Often depending on your selected debit date you will pay for the portion of cover you enjoyed + the full month in advance to be covered.

Premiums are collected in advance and provide cover for the month ahead. Only the 1st debit collects an arrear premium which is the pro-rata portion.

The pro-rata premium will be included in the first debit. You will be charged for the time for which you have had your mobile device in the past month, plus a full premium for the month ahead. This is a once-off debit.

Absolutely! Mobile device values depreciate over time. It is always best to check in with us every 3 to 6 months or so to confirm the current replacement value. Whilst it is your responsibility, if we notice that your premium needs to be amended and we haven’t heard from you we will also send you a courtesy notification.

Absolutely! Mobile device values appreciate in certain instances where there is a Rand fluctuation. It is always best to check in with us every 3 to 6 months or so to check on the current replacement value. If we notice that your premium needs to be amended and we haven’t heard from you we will also send you a courtesy notification. Each year the premiums are reviewed however we have an excellent track record of only 2 premium increases in 20 years. Now that’s WOW!

Your premiums are collected in advance, e.g., at the end of January you pay a monthly instalment for cover for the entire month of February. Thus, if your premium is not paid at the end of January and you have a loss in February, you have no cover.

We don’t tie you down by only allowing debits on a particular date. You can select the debit date of your choice and should you wish to ever change it no stress, just us and we will amend the date for you.

Need info on the cancellation process we got your back, this section will answer all your questions.

We’ll be sad to see you go but should you wish to cancel your policy you are required to provide 31 days’ notice. If, however you wish to cancel within 14 days of applying for cover we’ll cancel immediately and refund any premium collected.

Yes, in some instances the Insurer may give 31 days’ notice to cancel a policy.

Should you need to cancel your policy you can us or call us on 021 879 1110.

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